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What's the difference and what do i get for my money?


According to industry standards, a remanufactured compressor must meet or exceed all the functional specifications of the OEM compressor.  Simply stated, a remanufactured unit does not contain any "worn" parts and meets new compressor performance standards, giving years of dependable service.  By far the vast majority of replacement compressors installed today are of the remanufactured category, including service replacement compressors obtained through the OEM compressor distributor.

Naturally, these are assembled from all brand-new components and castings.  With the exception of welded-hermetic ("tin can") types, new compressors are vary rarely used for service replacement purposes because of their high cost and 4/8 week delivery from the OEM production facility.

Low cost "rebuilt" units are often little more than old compressors that have been repaired and repainted, frequently utilizing salvage parts from scrapped cores, with little or no regard for established wear limits.  Rebuilt machines have fallen out of favor, given that today's market demands superior quality, maximum reliability, and a much longer operational life.





One must understand that virtually all "service replacement" compressors are "remanufactured" and not "new", regardless of who you buy them from.  It is a common misconception to regard expensive service compressors purchased from a specific brand-name company to be new, when in fact they are remanufactured, often by a separate outside firm under contract with the OEM company.  Independently remanufactured units, like those from Quality Compressor, are functionally and dimensionally identical to the factory-brand machines. 

30% - 40% COST SAVINGS
When a contractor or maintenance department purchases an independently remanufactured compressor, there will typically be a 30% to 40% cost savings when compared to the price of an equivalent brand-name compressor purchased from the OEM's wholesaler.  Both the contractor and end-user save money, and gain the extra confidence of having friendly, personalized service & support from a local source.